Plugins can automatically create links on your site and allow visitors to see the Bible text just by mousing over the link.

Wordpress and Drupal Plugins

To easily install, you can use the Wordpress plugin or the Drupal plugin Bookmarklet

To use on other sites, you can drag this bookmarklet onto your browser's favorite area.

Manually Adding

To manually add the script, just by adding the following code into your website's <head> tag.

<script src=""></script>
<link href="" rel="stylesheet" />

You can also customize how works with the following commands

// Bible version for all links. Leave blank to let user choose.
bibly.linkVersion = 'ESV'; 
// Turn off popups
bibly.enablePopups = false;
// ESV, NET, KJV, or LEB are the currently supported popups.
bibly.popupVersion = 'KJV'; 
// the ID of a node you want to scan. Leave blank for the entire document.
bibly.startNodeId = 'mycontent'; 
// if you want to manually call bibly.scanForReferences(node);
bibly.autoStart = false; 
// class name for Bible links
bibly.className = 'bibly_reference';
// opens verses in a new window/tab
bibly.newWindow = false;

Verse Popup Information

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